Jimbob's Journal SPIRIT - page 2



> That no life (or death) goes unnoticed
> The gods hate idealists because idealists want Heaven and freedom too
> If prayer really works, why not just pray for a perfect world (like consolidating all your debts into one easy payment - or is that against the rules?)
> Jimbob's rules of modern life (in order); 1. Stay alive 2. Find food, shelter, and companionship 3. Ponder obscure philosophical questions 4. Accumulate baggage, issues, blocks, and hang ups.
I did not include "die" because; a) I don't know if anyone really dies, and b) I'm not sure it could be considered a part of life)
> Pink clothes & gray people. I am for one world. As much as I adore ethnic folk dancing, put all that stuff in a museum and get on with the journey. This will not make us "all the same" - that's like saying that all people of a common skin color are the same. Quite the opposite. While our differences will be more subtle, they will be vastly greater in number, because without ancient prejudices, we will all be more free to express our individuality.
> (For me) To spend old age reflecting, developing the intellect, and giving back . Senior citizens can be the glue , the mediators, the teachers of society (stop laughing!).




> Matter is structured energy
> I don't make the rules, they make me
> If we make sense, the cosmos doesn't
> The folks in the future are dead right now
> The world was born stupid (like you and me)
> Everything is energy in various degrees of organization
> The universe, too, is reincarnated, and has its own collective Karma
> I don't believe that peace is necessarily a desirable goal, but non-violence is
> You know that music you hear when they put you on hold? That's your life
> We are each the product of our own personal Big Bang (between our parents)
> Computers are attempting to tame Man just like Man attempts to tame Nature
> The interplay between your inner self and outside influences is pretty much life
> Dreams are like bubbles in the subconscious. When they get to the surface, they usually pop
> "In the space of an hour". We have always subliminally equated time & space in our language
> A theory : Whatever you kill, you have to live that creature's life. Suicide creates an endless loop
> The lemmings are coming. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. The dream you bought's a juggernaut.
> The quality of mercy (love) and the speed of light are not strained. They are the same to everyone everywhere
> Civilization is just a massive hedge against mortality, a dam before oceans of chaos, a detour on the road to oblivion
> The rights of the individual versus the rights of the group is the moral equivalent of the wave versus particle paradox in physics
> Timing is, literally, everything. Without it, all events would happen at once (a big bang?), whereas timing spreads them out (in valiant disarray), to be viewed as separate & discreet. Now you see it, now you don't. You might miss it if you blink (it's in disappearing ink)
> The only non moving, non-relative element in Einstein's scenario is consciousness (God?). Perhaps we should study ourselves to find the origins of the universe
> Einstein found a flaw, a chink in God's armor, and, since matter must follow thought, God had to honor it (God blinked). I think Eve found the first flaw, and that's how this world was begun
> Most folks don't have much contact with death.or even near-death. We hire people to embalm , slaughter, arrest & incarcerate or execute. If it wasn't for all the dead animals I'd seen (and the fake dead people in movies?), I would be completely unprepared for death
> Einstein also challenged us to name a difference between thought and "real life"
> Size is important: Earth's days are so consistent because the Earth is so big. The accuracy of our time is relative to the size of our clocks (I said clocks)
> The universe seems to be an infinite series of fractally related dimensions. Every level is a macro- or micro-cosmic model of another. This set includes both the so-called mental and physical realms. I find it at once both humbling and exhilarating. The universe is indeed a great lover (as well as a cheap date)




*** I've tried all the great religions, now I'm hangin' with the pigeons ***

> Were it not for the inductive nature of human civilization, (i.e., each accomplishment growing out of and building upon previous accomplishments), we would all be living in trees (if living at all). There would be no spoken language, World War II would never have happened, and brains on chairs would be a dim possibility indeed.
> Behold, the humble sock. I could no sooner make a sock than fly to the moon. If it were up to me, I'd be wearing hollowed-out melons on my feet. That's why it always amuses me how proud people are of their fast cars - as if they personally had built them from scratch.
> I feel as if I'm overly intimidated by people and their empires. They shut me down and force me inward. I don't read them well. That's why I live in a tree. The funny thing is, I'm quite at ease with other animals. At least I know where I stand with them. It is in this paranoid spirit that I present the list of
Things People Kill Each Other Over (the short list)
money / love / sex / religion / food / land / fuel / politics / parking spot / football games / whether or not that guy on TV was wearing a toupee
> As a tree-person, I feel no need to compete in the human arena, and I believe I must certainly qualify for some sort of financial aid
> HEY, . . you . . get away from my tree!
> I think anarchists are too organized
> Jimbob's rules of tree life; 1. Find a nice, unoccupied tree 2. Eat leaves (responsibly) 3. Strike impressive poses when the ladies pass below 4. Ponder obscure philosophical questions 4. Die 5. Fall out of tree (steps 4 and 5 may be reversed)




> Would God hide ?
> What is true, oustide of you ?
> Daddy, what's communism ?
> Do souls have hair ? Hair do's ?
> Why can't girls be Boy Scouts?
> Is there a template for evolution ?
> Does the Red Cross have hookers ?
> When you die, are you still human ?
> Are emotions are just places in the brain?
> Would the missing link have had a soul ?
> How much is that doggie in the window ?
> If we are like ants to God, what are ants like ?
> In baseball, can a runner on second steal first?
> If miniature golf, why not miniature weightlifting ?
> Is the speed of light only constant in the human mind ?
> Is there a giant eternal scoreboard, and how am I doin' ?
> Why are people's "previous lives" always on Earth, or in the past?
> Did the cowboys know about dinosaurs - how did it make them feel?
> What difference to this world whether people believe in God or not ?
> Does more freedom mean having to make more decisions ... or less ?
> The question is not "Why is there evil", but rather, "why do we care?"
> Do I need to put a question mark at the end of each one of these entries ?
> On talk shows in Heaven, do they have people who came back from life ?
> Ain't it funny how we all wind up asking the same questions independently ?
> Could life be partly random and partly predetermined ? Where does will fit in ?
> How come no men ever forget to check the seat and consequently fall into the toilet ?
> How long must a great person be dead before you can use him/her to sell soap (e.g. M. L. King's Birthday Beef Sale) ?
> Human nature usually sees good as fate ("I thank God for this victory"), and bad as random ("not my lucky day"). How come ?
> Have centuries of human prayers and magic potions been a cruel farce? Was the Earth really flat? There are many things that I want us to be wrong about (eg attitudes toward animals), so I guess we gotta take the good with the bad. Being wrong is half the fun
> Q. Hitler, Mother Theresa, and Rin tin tin are in a lifeboat that can only support two bodies. Who should jump overboard ? A. Mother Theresa - she will go directly to Heaven. Hitler may still repent, and Rinty will simply evaporate when his timer runs out
> The universe has always been televised, we just never had TV's. What possible use do radio waves (or fossils) have in Nature? More and more, we become aware of the torrent of all possible information being hurled at us from every direction, near & far, in time and space.We need computers (outboard brains) just to hold it all. For what purpose ? How does all this fit in Nature's plan ? Are other animals affected by these waves? I believe the message is that we can know all the universe's secrets without doing any harm
> If the mind arises from matter (chemical reactions), then what is left for the soul? Not passion or logic or morality. What could possibly live on when the matter has disbanded? It seems we like to believe in consistency and meaning, but we suspend all of those beliefs for the sake of heaven
> Devil's Advocate: If loving each other was our sole duty, wouldn't we be obliged to work on that and nothing else? Isn't satisfying our curiosity just as important a duty as love?




Q. Is God cute? A. Yes
> Q. What would life be without risks ? A.... Still life
> Q. Jimbo, What do you believe in ? A. Different things
>  Q. Why are things the way they are ? A: Because you are here
> Q. Does a Buddhist yell "Buddha" if he accidentally smashes his finger with a hammer? A. No, he would yell "Jesus Christ", just like everyone else.
> Q. Jimbob, is this life real, or just an elaborate figment of my solitary imagination. . . , Jimbob?
> Q. Hey, is it OK to marry your sister? A. I don't have a sister. If you mean your own sister, sure, in fact, I'd recommend it. It is, however unethical to be married to two sisters at the same time
> Q. If there are more dimensions than the four we know of, does what we do here have an effect there? A. I don't know, hold on a minute . . ... . Yep, it does
Q. Say I'm driving my car and I see a crazy person crouching in the street. Ethically, what should I do? A. Beep your horn until he gets out of the way.
> Q. As a Catholic, I would like to know which sins are venial (Purgatory), and which are mortal (Hell) before I commit them. Is there a published list? A. No, but I'm pretty sure that stealing a rubber-band would be venial, whereas killing someone would be mortal. I hope that is of some help
Q. If a person had two heads, would he have two souls? A. No, one soul per torso. Q. (follow up question) Which head would control erectile function? A. I guess they'd have to fight for it. . .What kind of question is that?




 > Freud / Carl Jung / Timothy Leary / Jesus / Gandhi
> See Heroes




> I'd rather know one person deeply than a million superficially
> Every pain we suffer, every hang-up we have is from lack of love, yet we run from love
> In general, I pefer Cosmic love to romantic love. You never have to worry about hurting the universe's feelings (or vice-versa)
> It's also easier to love gods and icons than mere mortals. They don't make you get tatoos or monogrammed license plates (oh, wait a minute, yes they do)