> You can't follow someone else's conscience
> You can mistrust reason, but not your conscience
> Is it ethical to make hamsters dance ? All Hamsters ?
> How can I be anything when my brother is anything else ? 
> For beings who invented right and wrong, we sure do a lot of wrong
> If we are all one, then the pursuit of justice is irrelevant. It is automatic
> Who wants to know about all the suffering and injustice in the world? NOBODY
> Can we risk being wrong on the safety of genetic engineering ? Better pick a fight with the monster now before it gets too big for the test tube and tires of eating itself. When it says, "I'm hungry, how 'bout you?", you'd better throw it a bone (if not your own, then maybe a clone)


> The devil is a virus
> Thank God for God
> God has no religion
> God doesn't make rules
> We are God to computers
> God is the power company
> God has multiple personalities (us)
> So, hell is a byproduct of freedom ?
> We know God is great - God told us so
> Sure, God is a concept, but so is human
> Do we come from Heaven ? Why leave ?
> We are each a trinity. Past, present, future
> Eve's apple was a placebo. Guilt did the rest
> No one knows more about God than you do
> We can't love ourselves, and neither can God
> God takes chances. The devil is afraid and controlling
> If God exists in our imagination, does God not still exist? 
> If you trust your mind, then you believe in a higher power
> God has always been transmitting, we just never had receivers
> We're the creatures of the hour, but we're not the highest power
> If there is a dog Heaven, shouldn't there then also be a dog hell ?
> For me, faith means believing in the ultimate wisdom of kindness
> Don't get me wrong, I like God. Some of my best friends are God
> God is a floater in my mind's eye. Always running just ahead of my gaze
> I'm a counter-agnostic. I don't believe that we can know that God doesn't exist.
> To lure more patrons in, the Church has incorporated "the Macarena" into the service
> A reading from Saint Pauls letter to the Flontanians; Yo .. Flontanians . . how's it goin'?
> Could humans be wrong about God? Let's review our record; flat Earth, center of the universe, . . Nah!
> You know how you tease your dog just to keep him from getting bored - do you think God does that with us ?
> I don't like the concept of the afterlife as a place of eternal rest. I don't want to spend eternity in a friggin' lounge chair
> To say that humans are "made in God's image" is to impliy that we are a finished product, rather than a process spanning time and species
> Atheism is merely a reaction against theism, just as dogmatic, but unoriginal, and a lot less imaginative. Imagine being defined by what you DON'T believe!
> I don't think religion (as generally practiced) is all that spiritual. It is an attempt to reconcile our reason with the incomprehensible. It only springs from a rational mind. Love, on the other hand, springs from all types of minds (and bodies)
> God is a single strand of hair grown infinitely long, and combed to resemble a full head . Other analogies would be; a computer with a single, super-fast processor that appears to be doing many tasks at once, or a play in which God performs all the parts, but jumps between them so rapidly as to appear like separate individuals
- - - - -
> God called while you were out (cold), and lft the following messages ; Tag, you're it /
> I have trouble with the idea of Heaven as compensation for pain and suffering. It cheapens our experience here on Earth , and it implies a hierarchy of events ordered in time (ie, later is better than sooner). Likewise, reincarnation has the same flaws
> A question for Christians; Which moves you more, Jesus' message of peace and love, or the fact that he's the son of God? Would his message be less compelling if he were not the son of god??


> Everything has a hand in life
> logic is cicuitry. What is love ?
> The next revolution will be spiritual
> The folks in the future are dead right now
> We are fragments of a higher conversation
> I didn't create this body, I just fleshed it out
> The human spirit is designed by consensus
> I have the answer, but I don't know what it is
> If we really believed in Heaven, we'd never lie
> Tell you what, if you love me, DON"T set me free
> Joseph Campbell's good advice, "follow your bliss"
> We should all be wedded to the highest common dream
> There are as many "Meanings of life" as there are creatures
> Don't just pass thrugh the world, let the world pass through you
> Love is like the loaves and fishes. The more you give, the more you have
> Life is, quite often, perfect, but unless you're in the moment, you don't notice
> Whenever I ask for a sign, I don't get one. They alaways come unexpectedly
> Humans are so ornery and contrary. They took the words "holy" and "crap", and put them together.
> I can change the past. That is, your perception of the past (as a therapist does), and thus change you. Perception is everything
> The Community of Life; Supreme Being - Regular Beings - Honorable Mention - Kelp - Synthetic Compounds - Rap Artists
> I don't believe that intellect can get us where we need to go. I think that only love can take us there. Intellect needs a physical place to live, Love doesn't.
> Did you ever see a righteous butt sticking out of a car, and then the person gets out and they're 90 years old? Is the butt any less righteous?
> If your toast should land, jelly side down on a fuzzy rug, do not take it as a bad omen, but eat it, fuzz and all - it will make you strong
> One of the big achievements of my middle age was accepting "specialization" I.E. that my cause is not the cause, even though it's everything to me. I don't have to be right for the world and the ages, just me and my times.

 > New-age introduction; "Group of atoms, meet other group of atoms"
> "You're as beautiful as a beast"
> Street people = Urban campers
> Sparky the proton says, "Remember kids, even infinitessimally small particles have feelings too"


> Please - these are generalizations - don't shun me
> Men are caretakers, Women are care givers
> Men are producers, women are processors (with the very large exception of having babies - maybe that's why men feel a need to produce)
> Women micro-manage, Men macro-manage
> Men should not be allowed to cook. A few examples; Roy, 47, suffered hearing loss when a bag of walnuts exploded in his microwave. Rich, 33, was horribly disfigured when he flipped a red-hot corn fritter into his own face. Please, women, for the love of God, don't let men into the kitchen.

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